Got cloudy hot water here is why and what to do

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Hot water tanks are usually located outside the house and are connected to the main supply pipe through a valve. The valve allows the water to flow from the tank into the pipes. When the water reaches its boiling temperature, it expands and pushes out the air inside the tank. As soon as the air bubbles disappear, they leave tiny holes in the tank’s inner wall. These holes allow the water to leak out.

There are several causes for this problem. One of them is the presence of calcium deposits inside the tank. Another reason is the buildup of sediment inside the tank. In addition, the tank may also contain a faulty thermostat. All these issues cause the water to turn cold or even clouded over.

Got Cloudy Hot Water? Here Is Why and What To Do?

The first step towards fixing your hot water heater is to determine whether you have a gas or electric model. If you are unsure which one you have, check the manufacturer’s website. You will find instructions there on how to identify your particular unit.

Once you know what kind of hot water heater you have, you need to locate the source of the problem. This should be easy because most models come equipped with an indicator light. If the light is not working properly, then you know that something is wrong with the heating element.

Why is My Hot Water Cloudy? | Water Heater Hub

If the light is still functioning, but the water is cloudy, then you probably have a clogged drain line. Check if any debris has gotten stuck in the drain. Try flushing it out with some warm soapy water. If the issue persists, call a plumber.

If the water is clear after flushing the drain, then the problem might be caused by a broken pressure regulator. There could be a number of reasons why this happens. For example, the regulator may have been damaged during installation. Or, it could have been installed incorrectly.

Another possibility is that the regulator is malfunctioning. If this is the case, you should contact a professional to fix it. If none of the previous solutions work, then you should replace the entire hot water heater. This is a very expensive option, but it is worth considering.

If you want to save money, you can try repairing the existing unit instead of replacing it. This requires you to remove the old tank, clean the interior, install a new thermostat, and reassemble everything.

How to Fix the Cloudy Hot Water Problem?

To fix the cloudy hot water problem, you must first determine the exact cause. Once you do this, you can choose the best course of action.

You can either repair the existing unit or buy a new one. If you decide to go with the latter option, make sure that you purchase a quality product. It is important to consider many factors when choosing a replacement unit. Some of them include:

1) Price – Make sure that you get a good deal on a high-quality product.

2) Warranty – A reputable company will offer you a warranty that covers all parts and labor.

3) Energy efficiency – Look at the energy rating of the unit. An efficient unit uses less electricity than a standard unit.

4) Durability – The material used to build the unit should be strong enough to last for years.

5) Safety features – The safety features of the unit should be adequate. This includes things like anti-corrosion coatings and proper insulation.

Why is My Hot Water Cloudy but Cold Water Clear?

The most common reason why your hot water comes through cloudy is because of sediment buildup. Sediment builds up over time due to minerals in the water. If this occurs, then the hot water will come through cloudy.

To clear the hot water, you must first drain the tank. Then, run cold water through the pipes until the water runs clear. Finally, let the water sit overnight.

Next, add two cups of vinegar into the tank. Wait 30 minutes, then turn the faucet back on. The water should now flow clear.

If the problem persists, then contact a plumber.

Why is my hot water coming out cloudy?

There could be many reasons why your hot water comes out cloudy. It could be caused by mineral deposits, rusting valves, or dirty filters.

To solve these problems, you must first drain your tank. Then, flush the tank with cold water. Next, remove the filter from the top of the tank. Finally, replace the filter.

If you still experience the same issue after following these steps, then contact a plumbers.

Can cloudy water make you sick?

Yes, it can! When the water contains bacteria, viruses, or other harmful contaminants, it can cause illness.

Water Q&A: Why is my drinking water cloudy? | U.S. Geological Survey

You can prevent the spread of disease by using only filtered water for drinking and cooking. Also, avoid sharing personal items such as toothbrushes, razors, towels, etc.

You can also use a water purifier to ensure that all of the water you drink and cook with is safe.


Cloudy hot water may seem harmless, but it actually poses serious health risks. If you are experiencing any symptoms, then call a professional immediately.

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