How to replaceinstall a well pump pressure switch?

The pressure switch is a safety device designed to shut off the flow of water from a well pump if the water level drops below a certain point. If the pump continues to run without the water reaching the desired level, then the pump motor will burn out.

Pressure switches are typically installed at the top of the well casing. They consist of two parts: the base and the cover. The base has a spring loaded plunger that closes the circuit when the water reaches a certain depth. The cover contains a float valve that opens when the water rises above a certain height.

How to Replace a Well Pump Pressure Switch?

To replace the pressure switch, you’ll first need to remove it from its mounting bracket. You can do this by removing the screws holding the switch in place or by pulling up on the wire harness attached to the switch.

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Once the switch is removed, take note of which wires go where. This information will be important later.

Next, disconnect the power source for your well pump. Then, unscrew the old pressure switch from the mounting bracket. Be sure to keep track of how each part connects to the other components.

After replacing the new pressure switch, reconnect the power source to the well pump. Turn the pump on and test it to make sure everything works as intended.

How to Remove and Replace a Water Pump Pressure Control Switch?

Well pump pressure control switches are used to prevent damage to the pump motor. When the water level falls below a certain point, the pressure switch activates and shuts off the flow of water through the pump.

Once the water level rises again, the pressure switch turns the pump back on.

If the pump is not working properly, it may be because the pressure switch is malfunctioning. To repair or replace a pressure switch, follow these steps:

1) Disconnect the power supply to the pump.

2) Unscrew the pressure switch from the mounting plate.

3) Take note of all connections between the pressure switch and the pump.

4) Reconnect the power supply to the well pump.

5) Test the pump to ensure that it’s operating correctly.

How to Install a Well Pump Pressure Switch?

Before installing a pressure switch, check to see whether there is any corrosion present on the inside of the well casing. Corrosion can cause a leaky pressure switch.

1) Open the bottom end of the well casing with a screwdriver.

2) Attach a wrench to the screwdriver so that you have something to hold onto while you open the casing.

3) Insert the screwdriver into the hole until the tip hits the bottom of the casing.

4) Twist the screwdriver clockwise to loosen the casing.

5) Once the casing is loose enough to pull apart, use a pair of pliers to grip one side of the casing.

6) Pull the casing away from the well head.

7) Check to see if there is any corrosion present. If there is, clean it off using a brush and some soap.

8) Reinstall the casing and reattach the screwdriver.

9) Tighten the screwdriver until it feels secure.

10) Connect the electrical leads to the pressure switch and attach them to the well pump. Make sure that they’re connected properly.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Well Pump Pressure Switch?

The cost of replacing a pressure switch depends on several factors. The most significant factor is the type of switch being replaced.

A simple pressure switch costs less than a more complex model. Also, the brand of the switch affects the price. For example, a generic pressure switch usually costs less than an expensive name-brand switch.

Other things to consider include the location of the switch in relation to the well pump, the age of the switch, and whether the switch needs replacement.

Replacing a pressure switch may also involve removing other components such as the wiring harness, fuses, and valves. These parts add to the total cost.

Costs for repairing or replacing a well pump pressure switch vary depending on the brand and model of the switch. In general, however, the average cost ranges from $20 to $50.

How does a Well Pump Pressure Switch work?

In a typical well, when the water level drops below a certain point, a pressure switch activates and sends a signal to shut down the flow of water through a well pump. This prevents damage to the pump motor and helps keep the pump from running dry.

Pressure switches are designed to detect changes in air pressure within a well casing. When the air pressure rises above a set point, the pressure switch shuts down the pump.

Pressure switches come in two varieties: spring-loaded and mercury. Spring-loaded switches are typically used for wells that contain large amounts of saltwater. Mercury switches are generally used for wells that contain fresh or brackish water.

Spring-loaded pressure switches work by measuring the difference between the inside and outside pressures. A spring keeps the switch closed when the air pressure is low. As the pressure increases, the spring opens the switch.

Mercury pressure switches work differently. They measure the amount of mercury in a sealed container. When the pressure reaches a certain point, the mercury will begin to rise. This movement causes the switch to open.

When you replace a pressure switch, make sure that the new switch has the same function as the old one. For instance, if the original switch was a spring-loaded switch, then you should get a spring-loaded switch.

What to Know While Replacing a Pressure Switch?

Before you start working on your well pump pressure switch, be aware of these important safety precautions:

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1) Wear protective clothing (including eye protection).

2) Use only approved tools.

3) Keep all materials away from children.

4) Do not climb ladders or use power tools while wearing gloves.

5) Turn off electricity before working with electrical equipment.

6) Dispose of any chemicals safely.

7) Be careful around moving machinery.

8) Read and follow all manufacturer instructions carefully.

9) Report any problems immediately.

10) Follow all local laws and ordinances regarding disposal of hazardous waste.



The price of a well pump pressure switch can range anywhere from $20 to $100. The most common type of pressure switch is the spring-loaded variety. If you need to replace a pressure switch, it’s best to hire an experienced technician who knows how to install them properly.

Well pump pressure switches are designed to protect your well pump from overloading. However, they can fail at times due to several reasons.

If you notice that your well pump pressure switch is malfunctioning, contact us today! We offer free estimates on repairs and replacements.

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